Our school

Vision Statement

To provide a disciplined, caring and stimulating environment where students achieve their full potential in their academic, creative , physical , moral and spiritual development and strive to serve the country and humanity in general. St. Peter’s High School aims to provide quality education of an international standard. We aim for excellence through quality management , quality training and quality teaching bringing benefits to our students , the community and the wider world.
Our school is a community of open-minded life-long learners who want to learn, who prepare for global change, respect diversity, treat one another equally and promote peace and harmony.

“The School Council, including the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and various pro-active subgroups, is fully involved in the life and work of the school and very supportive and innovative.”

our school

St. Peter’s High School takes children from two and a half to fifteen and prepares students for matriculation and O level examinations. The school is academically oriented and aims to provide socially responsible graduates adequately prepared to become successful citizens of the country St. Peter’s is equipped with the latest computers and science laboratories. The school encourages student to take part in co-curricular activities such as debates, quiz competitions , science projects and theatre. Sports are also a priority and students take part in badminton, cricket, throw ball. Field trips are organized to reinforce the student’s in-school learning with real-world experiences.