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  • Admission
    • 1. For admission of PREP-1 (Montessori Class), a student must be between 2 years 6 months and 3 years on or before the last day of the last month of the previous scholastic year. 2. Students from class 1 and upwards will not be admitted until Transfer Certificate from the last school attended is produced. 3. The school does not allow a married person on its roll nor will a student be permitted to continue their studies if he/she should marry in the course of his/her years of study. 4. Irrespective of what month the child is admitted, fees will be charged from the beginning of the year. Ie. From April onwards. 5. No concession of fees will be given. 6. Fees once paid will not be refunded or adjusted against any other child studying in the school. 7. The intended withdrawal of the pupil should be notifies in writing by the parents or guardian one month in advance or in lieu thereof, one month’s fees will be charged. The parents should take the TC immediately. If the parents come after 1,2,3 or 12 months, the fees of all the months will have to be paid. 8. No transfer certificate will be granted unless all school dues are paid. 9. Any student absent from the school for six consecutive days without a valid note of excuse explaining his absence will be struck off the rolls. Such a student can be re admitted on payment of a fresh admission fee, provided if there is a vacancy. 10. Parents are expected to see that their children prepare home lessons regularly and study at least two hours daily. 11. In addition to the terminal examinations, there will be monthly tests. Parents are requested to scrutinized the examination reports and monthly tests, and sign them, thus acquainting themselves with the progress of their wards. The results of these tests will counts towards the terminal and final examinations. 12. Passing marks are 50% in the matric section and 60% in the Cambridge section. 13. Reports are issued after each test and terminal examinations. Further information may be obtained from the Principal upon application. 14. Any inquiries, complaints, etc, regarding a students progress and behavior; must be made directly to the principal and NOT to the class teacher. While parents are most welcome to discuss the progress of their children, no visitors are allowed to see their children or the class teacher during school hours. WITHOUT THE EXPLICIT PERMISSION OF THE PRINCIPAL/VICE PRINCIPAL. 15. Any complaint misbehavior etc by staff or subordinate staff should be given in writing to the principal. 16. Failure for the second time in the same class is liable to be penalized with dismissal if a student fails in more then 4 subjects in the final examination, he/she will be asked to leave school. 17. In all matters pertaining to behavior progress etc, the principal and vice principal will see only the parents or guardians duly authorized by them. NO grand parents or uncle aunties will be given any interview.
  • Facilities
    • Science Labs:

      The school has elaborate science laboratories in all high school sections of physics, chemistry and biology. These are equipped with the latest and modern equipment.

      Computer Labs:

      STPHS has a modern computer laboratory for its students, Students are expected to attend computer classes at least twice a week. Students aged 7 and below are expected to attend computer classes at least twice a week. Students aged 7 and below are exposed to different educational and recreational programs, where as students over 7 years are also taught the basic computer skill.


      The school has a well-stocked library in its campus. Besides books, a number of audiotapes, intellectual video films and computer softwares are available and utilized as part of the educational program.

      Sports and Athletics:

      Sports, athletics form not only an essential part of a curriculum in St. Peter’s but also help in the overall personality development of a child. Therefore each year, St. Peter’s hold inter branch basket ball badminton, and table tennis competitions to develop a sense of competitiveness and sportsman ship in a child.

      Audio Visual Aids:

      The school tries to derive maximum benefit from these facilities and students get ample opportunities to listen and view different educational and entertainment programs.

      Zoological and Botanical Gardens:

      Caring for birds and animals is an essential part of the overall personality development of Montessori children. St. Peter’s has therefore kept a few animals and birds in the school premises.
  • Security
    • The boundaries of the school is enclosed with bard wires on high walls from all sides. Other then this, a 24 hour surveillance camera system have been installed to guard every activity even after school hours. The school is fully protected by armed guards, who stays on the roof of the school for a good birds eye view of the entire surroundings.
  • Faculty
    • St. Peter’s High School believes, and rightly so, that teachers are “ the hinge on which future swings”, they are those slits upon which is supported the edifice of a school. In order to be what they are expected to be , i.e. Leaders in their respective fields. St. Peter’s conducts regular training sessions. Additionally, to keep up with the demands of time, curriculum is given great attention. Thus we are always making, reviewing and reflecting on the structure of curriculum. Presenters from various teacher training institutes and other professionals from various walks of life are called to speak and advice. Frequent workshops are also conducted by our own teachers as well as external presenters such as Oxford University Press and the British Council on issues that relate and are affecting methods of teaching. At St. Peter’s are given the unique opportunity to be active participants in the making of the curriculum as well as helping in organizing and managing different events that take place during the school year. For this we have a dedicated team of co-coordinators, and master minds who contribute and help develop the curriculum in partnership with the management. The core teachers are an essential and an indispensable part of the managerial process; they are a great help in managing various events which take place during an academic year.
  • Counseling
    • St. Peter’s High School takes children from two and a half to fifteen and prepares students for matriculation and O level examinations. The school is academically oriented and aims to provide socially responsible graduates adequately prepared to become successful citizens of the country St. Peter’s is equipped with the latest computers and science laboratories. The school encourages student to take part in co-curricular activities such as debates, quiz competitions , science projects and theater. Sports are also a priority and students take part in badminton, cricket, throw ball. Field trips are organized to reinforce the student’s in-school learning with real-world experiences. Students progress and performance are assessed by tests and examinations held at regular intervals. These are monthly tests, Mid-term examination and then final examinations. Parents have an essential role to play in the development of their children. Though the school undertakes to provide as sound an education as possible, the help and co-ordination of the parents is vital in their child’s progress in school. St. Peter’s is one of the oldest institutions in Karachi, with a colorful past, filled with students who have gone to distinguish themselves as scientists, doctors, engineers, businessman, teachers and other professionals. Every today there are distinguished politicians, businessman, doctors who have either studied themselves in St. Peter’s High School or their relatives have studied at some time during the past 30 or more years.